Welcome to LizaFest!
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Tickets & Showtimes

For reservations call: 646-329-6588

Tickets are $20 cash only at the door.

The LIZAFEST! Play Line-Up:

Wednesday, June 24 – Friday, June 26

7:00 – The C Zone
Directed by Nell Balaban

Written at age 19, this play tells the story of two young women, trapped in a twisted fate of walking in a circle for eternity – unless they can, somehow, break the cycle.

Running Time: 60 Minutes

9:00 – Madness, Mayhem and More Mayhem: A Series of Shorts from 1997
Running Time: 75 Minutes

Directed by Joan Kane

Small Talk
Directed by Nell Balaban

Gentleman Caller
Directed by Brion Dinges

Directed by Brion Dinges

Garden Party
Directed by Melanie Sutherland

1997 marked the year Liza came to New York City, and, judging by the subjects which inspired the plays of this evening, she found it to be full of dangerous, charismatic, and loveable creatures.

Saturday, June 27 – Sunday June 28

7:00 – “Do you real want to eat me?”: The History Plays
Running Time: 70 Minutes

The Red Hands
Directed by Eric Sydnor

Christiana & the Doctor's Wife
Directed by Christine Seisler

Beat the Sun
Directed by Joan Kane

An evening of deviously murderous women, adapted from very real stories. 
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